Tank Trouble 5

Can’t get enough of Tank Trouble game series? Did you complete all previous versions and now you are looking for something new? Something exciting and fresh? Well look no more, since new version of the game is already here, it was released a while ago and it has tons of new stuff, new weapons, new power-ups different gaming modes and maps.

Tank Trouble 5Of course all important updates mentioned above are really impressive, but it is not everything. You see in Tank Trouble 5 developers also improved graphics of the game as well as bugs, no more annoying game errors and things like that, with latest version of the game you can fully enjoy smooth gaming experience either alone or with your friends, choice is yours.

What is really exciting is that it is not their final release, since game is extremely popular and currently is dominating top charts of tank games, developers decided not to stop and create new versions of the game often, so don’t be surprised if they will release sixths version in couple of months.

With that being said, when it comes to browser tank games this one is top choice. Usually people play single player mode, where you have to fight AI called ‘Laika’, but to be honest I enjoy more playing with my friends, playing in company is always more entertaining.

I think I have told you everything about this fifth version, I’m looking forward other versions, as soon as they will release it I will let you know, meanwhile enjoy the game and don’t forget to invite your friends.